"Nicole SHINES in B.I.I.D. A rising talent. Her ability to melt into her character affords the audience a most intimate experience. She will be heard from again and again."

Dallas Brennan - Tribeca Award-Winning Writer/Producer; Wild Invention Pictures 

(Sundance's THE LIFEGUARD with Kristen Bell)

“Nicole is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. When shooting B.I.I.D., she went above and beyond, to shape a difficult character into a unique and multi-faceted persona. I remember when I first saw her audition, I knew she was the one immediately; there was so much charisma and depth there. I had no doubt in my mind. Nicole is going to make it very far in this industry. One of the most promising and talented actresses I know.”

Ben Lazarus - Award-Winning Writer/Director 

(B.I.I.D. with BREAKING BAD's Mark Margolis)

"Talented and professional, Nicole was an asset in every way to the production of THE FACTORY. She came prepared and made the opening scene of the movie more suspenseful and horrifying than even I thought it could be."

Dena Hysell - Director/Writer/Producer; Rumpus Room Productions 

(A LITTLE HELP with THE OFFICE's Jenna Fischer)

"Nicole is very talented. I adore her and know she will be a blessing and an asset to any production."

Donna McKenna - Casting Director, CSA; Donna McKenna Casting

"Watching Nicole is watching pure, innate talent in action. I don’t think I took a single breath the first time I heard her read. A friendly, free spirit with perfect emotional pitch, she’s a huge force of nature in a pretty, petite frame."

Scott Norton - Writer/Director (HORRORCON)

"Working with Nicole is a refreshing experience. It’s very effortless, and her excitement and passion for acting is immediately apparent. What I enjoy the most is her ability for honest, emotionally truthful performances. She seems to effortlessly slip into any character and make it her own. She brings authenticity and vulnerability to her roles, which contribute to great performances."

Nick Snow - Writer/Director; Dashford Media Productions (WILT)

"Nicole Vogt-Lowell possesses an emotionally explosive instrument!"

Bill Balzac - Theatre Director; Lee Strasberg Institute (THE NORMAN CONQUESTS)

"In an overcrowded industry - where aspiration often outweighs determination - Nicole Vogt-Lowell stands out due to, not only her talent, but also her work ethic. She commits herself to every project (and her craft as a whole) with all the intensity, earnestness, and discipline that this industry demands."

Marcus Rinehart - Writer/Director (THE INTERN, STEPS IN FLIGHT)

“Nicole Vogt-Lowell really nails it. It’s a delicate, intuitive and deeply felt performance full of heart and passion.”

Grant Lancaster - Writer/Director; Dashford Media Productions (WILT)

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