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Best Supporting Actress

(B.I.I.D. with Mark Margolis)

Honored to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Southampton International Film Festival for my performance as "Sarah" in B.I.I.D. 


Award-Winning film by Ben Lazarus & produced by Tribeca Award-Winner Dallas Brennan. 

STARRING: Jason Shelton, Nicole Vogt-Lowell,

Emmy Nominee Mark Margolis (BETTER CALL SAUL), and David Johansen (New York Dolls lead singer). Watch TRAILER

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in B.I.I.D. with BREAKING BAD's Mark Margolis

Screening at TCL Chinese Theatres: B.I.I.D.

What a great event! B.I.I.D. recently screened at 

Hollywood's world famous TCL Chinese Theatres for the HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series

FILM SYNOPSIS: Horatio, a sufferer of Body Integrity Identity disorder, joins a group for people with the affliction. At the group he meets Sarah, a quirky BIID sufferer. Both lives get intertwined to find themselves, happiness, and love, while making sense of their affliction and those around them.   Watch TRAILER

Screening at TCL

Awarded Best Drama Feature: IN SICKNESS

Proud to announce that IN SICKNESS took home the Best Drama Feature Award at the Austin Revolution Film Festival! Huge thanks to the festival committee! A film that tackles mental health head on, IN SICKNESS is a thought-provoking and heartfelt romantic drama. A piece of work I'm very proud of.

Reelhouse Productions

Award-Winning Director Julius B. Kelley 

STARRING: Lukas Hassel, Nicole Vogt-Lowell


IN SICKNESS won the Best Narrative Feature Film Award at the Milledgeville Film Festival.

Movie Poster for IN SICKNESS, starring Nicole Vogt-Lowell & Lukas Hassel
Best Feature In Sickness

Best Supporting Actress (JUNKIE HEAVEN)

Delighted to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Macabre Faire Film Festival for my performance in JUNKIE HEAVEN - playing quirky and strung-out heroine junkie "Faz". The film has been having a killer festival run, taking home five awards so far. 


Junkie Heaven is a gritty sci-fi drama about a traumatized war vet addicted to heroine and his fight for survival. Produced by Rapier Wit Films and Steve Sage Productions.


". . . pushing Doyle forward through the 

madness is his co-addict, Faz, played by 

an extraordinary Nicole Vogt-Lowell."

- Rogue Cinema

Movie poster for JUNKIE HEAVEN starring Joseph A. Halsey, Sal Rendino, & Nicole Vogt-Lowell

Fresh to the West Coast!

Thrilled to announce my recent move to LA!

I'm so grateful for all the support I had in NYC, and I'm pumped to build up my team here on the west coast. I'll be traveling back and forth for work and some upcoming premieres, but right now I'm digging the gorgeous weather, living close to my awesome family (and sweetest dog ever!), and killer acting community. 

I also LOVE my new acting class. Ongoing weekly training with Billy O'Leary.

Nicole Vogt-Lowell


Just wrapped shooting the lead role on romantic drama feature IN SICKNESS by award-winning director Julius B. Kelly. I play "Kendall Madera", who struggles to cope as the man she loves suffers from a mental illness that's only getting worse. So grateful I got to play this wonderfully complex character and work with such a talented cast and crew. (Reelhouse Productions)


Here I am cracking up in between takes.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Nicole Vogt-Lowell on set for IN SICKNESS
BIID Trailer

Rocking the festival circuit

B.I.I.D. just keeps on kicking ass! An Official Selection of the Vail Film Festival in Colorado, B.I.I.D. now has 17 festivals under its belt. Some other festivals include SOHO International, NewFilmmakers New York, Manhattan, & Berlin.

Booked: Lead Role in


Thrilled to be starring opposite the very talented Lukas Hassel in gritty romantic drama feature

IN SICKNESS, directed by award-winning

director Julius B. Kelly. 


Currently in production!

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in feature film IN SICKNESS

Screening + Nominations in Madrid: ASCENT TO HELL

THE FACTORY is an Official Selection of the 

Madrid International Film Festival and is nominated in 4 award categories! 

- Best Feature Film

- Talented New Director Award: Dena Hysell

- Best Lead Actor: Cayleb Long

- Best Producer: Dena Hysell & Sirad Balducci


I play "Rachel", an irritable young heroine junkie, in this chilling horror thriller starring Azura Skye (AMERICAN HORROR STORY).


Directed by Dena Hysell

(Rumpus Room Productions) 

Casting by Stephen Vincent/Sig De Miguel

Movie poster for ASCENT TO HELL

Booked: Lead Role in


Excited to have booked yet another heroine junkie role, playing quirky and strung out "Faz" 

in the film JUNKIE HEAVEN. The film recently wrapped and is now in post. More news soon!


Director Steve Goldberg | CD Debra Markowitz

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in JUNKIE HEAVEN

Awarded Best Film: B.I.I.D.

B.I.I.D. took home the Best Film Award at the

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival! Also nominated for Best Showcase at the SOHO International Film Festival. (Photographed at SOHO closing party)


Writer/Director Ben Lazarus

Tribeca Award-Winning Producer Dallas Brennan


STARRING: Jason Shelton, Nicole Vogt-Lowell, David Johansen (New York Dolls lead singer), 

Emmy Nominee Mark Margolis (BREAKING BAD)

Nicole Vogt-Lowell at the SOHO International Film Festival closing party - with B.I.I.D. co-star Jason Shelton


Booked a great role in feature film ASCENT

TO HELL, playing "Rachel", an irritable heroine junkie. Directed by Dena Hysell, the film stars AMERICAN HORROR STORY'S Azura Skye. 

Rumpus Room Productions | Casting by 

Stephen Vincent/Sig De Miguel

Nicole Vogt-Lowell in feature film ASCENT TO HELL

Booked: Lead Role in

B.I.I.D. with Mark Margolis

Just wrapped shooting the lead female role in the film BODIES IN IRREVERSIBLE DETRIMENT (B.I.I.D.), playing edgy & offbeat “Sarah”. I had a blast acting alongside this badass - Emmy Nominee Mark Margolis (BREAKING BAD, SCARFACE) - and David Johansen (Lead Singer of the New York Dolls). A big thank you to Stephanie Holbrook and Allison Shomer for casting me in this awesome role! 

(Wild Invention Pictures)

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in B.I.I.D. with BREAKING BAD's Mark Margolis

Premiere Screening: WILT

My feature film WILT will be having its premiere screening at the Sycamore State Theatre just outside Chicago. I play lead role "Sarah Adams" in this dark and gritty love story by Dashford Media Productions. Check out the Official Trailer here! >

Movie Poster for HORRORCON starring Nicole Vogt-Lowell


I shot the lead role in HORRORCON -

A psychological thriller feature surrounded by horror elements that focuses on life’s real monsters - Blending realism and fantasy to tell the story of two lost souls saving each other in the most mysterious of ways. The film "injects us into a world of dark fanaticism when a young female vendor attends a horror convention after suffering a terrible personal tragedy. Addicted to pain pills and battling mental and physical torment, she can barely endure returning to a place that strains her once joyous memories through a filter of loneliness, heartache and despair.  Soon, she's pursued by a mysterious celebrity author who happens to collect vials of blood for autographs and may be able to offer her one final chance at a future . . . one that could mean changing everything she knows about being alive.” (Scott Norton, HORRORCON Writer/Director)


Just shot lead role on THE INTERN, a dark comedy film with a PARKS AND RECREATION meets THE NEWSROOM kind of feel. I play a jaded intern working at a social media hacking company, "Genevieve". She's dry, sassy, and

whip smart.

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in THE INTERN

Booked: Lead Role in WILT

I've been shooting lead female role “Sarah Adams" in feature film WILT. This dark & gritty love story follows the relationship of childhood best friends, “Sarah" & "Miles", & how that relationship changes over the years. (Dashford Media Productions)

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in feature film WILT

Booked: Starring Role in HORRORCON

Currently shooting the lead role in feature film HORRORCON - A psychological horror thriller.

I play edgy & troubled "Eliza Lowell", tormented by her past and popping pain pills like candy. (Writer/Director Scott Norton | Yellowhorse Productions)

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in feature film HORRORCON

Booked: Lead Role in


Just completed work on STEPS IN FLIGHT, a comedic film which centers around a small group of friends in high school, struggling with their own naive understandings of relationships, sex, and love. I play popular girl "Tina". Seemingly confident and carefree, she's actually deeply vulnerable with a whole mess of insecurities.

Nicole Vogt-Lowell starring in STEPS IN FLIGHT
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